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Lieu, PaysOlympia, Washington, United States


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Programme d'attestationFor Life - Social Responsibility Certification
Performance Rating
ChapitreContent of the For Life - Corporate Social Responsibility ProgrammeMaximum [fr]Rating [fr]
1Principes et valeurs44
2Politique de Commerce Equitable : engagement et suivi3026
3Droits de l’Homme et Conditions de travail décentes239186
4Respect de l’environnement9167
5Développement local et relations avec la communauté1613
6Gestion des filières et des relations commerciales4438
7Autonomisation et renforcement des capacités00
8Traçabilité, transparence et respect du consommateur76
9Gestion de l’attestation et de la performance2523
Total Score Performance Rating363
Certification for corporate social responsibility [fr]
Impact, actions & engagements remarquablesAlaffia was founded under the fundamental guiding principles of being kind, grateful, and humble. We embed the wellbeing of future societies, of the earth and of communities beyond our own immediate geography on each decision and action we make.
Alaffia was created as a way for individuals to directly participate in reducing poverty conditions, as this is fundamental to the success of our communities. Fair working conditions, fair pay, and fair treatment of all participants forms the base of this success. Alaffia’s fair trade premium is realized through the support of several long-term community empowerment projects that we conduct throughout our producer communities in Togo. The organization was created to fund these empowerment projects, and they are a fundamental part of our existence. The types, scope and recipients of our projects are determined by need, feasibility and maximum impact (ability to reduce poverty). Projects are carried out in member communities, collector communities, and other disadvantaged communities in the region.
As part of our fair trade commitment, employees in our Washington enterprise will be encouraged to participate in these community projects. This serves a dual purpose – to connect individuals and communities across the globe, and to integrate Alaffia USA and our employees into our Washington communities. Participating in these projects helps employees realize their connections in the world and that their daily work to feed families can help to alleviate poverty for families in other communities.
Our achievments include:
-Over 7,482 bicycles donated, shipped, and distributed to 60 different villages in Togo, with ver 90% retention rates (staying in school)for student recipients
-32,842 students in all regions of Togo supplied with learning materials, donated in large part by our retailer partners
-4,463 births funded in Togo, reducing maternal and infant mortality rates and ending female genital mutilation in our Togolese communities
-57,575 fruit, forage and native trees planted to combat deforestation and improve food security for our producer families
-Construction of 12 schools in central and northern Togo

Reached percentage of the applicable Total Norm Points for the overall performance
Pourcentage90 %

Date d'attestation
Dernière mise à jour05.03.2018

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