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Place, CountryBareilly, India

Contactwww.creationbiotech.co.in, infocreationbiotech@gmail.com

Certified Productsoils, tea, seeds, ashwagandha, chamomile, rama tulsi, rose petals, rosemary oil, lemongrass, palmarosa, marigolds, eucalyptus leaves, davana oil, geranium, vetiver roots, rice, cornflowers, wheat, hibiscus, sugar cane, chia seeds, quinoa, chicory, kalmegh, gram, pearl millet, amaranthus, peas, kidney beans, lentils, maize, chili red, fennel, peanuts, groundnuts, mustard, linseed, sorghum, turmeric, potatoes, cauliflowers, tomatoes, ginger, garlic, onions, mangoes, watermelons, muskmallows, guava, cucumbersfair for life logo
Certification ProgrammeFair for Life - Social & Fair Trade Certification
Performance Rating
ChapterContent of the Fair For Life - Social & Fair Trade ProgrammeMaximumRating
1Core Principles and Values1010
2Commitment to and Management of Fair Trade Policy2716
3Respect of Human Rights and Decent Working Conditions279178
4Respect of the Environment189147
5Local Development and Community Relations1610
6Trading and Supply chain relations8653
8Traceability, Transparency and Respect of the Consumer4433
9Managing Certification and Performance4633
Total Score Performance Rating527
Certification for fair trade and responsible supply chains
Impact, special achievements & commitmentsCreation Biotech is a proprietorship firm incorporated on 26-Jan-2015 with the aim of growth of ethical business by promoting the Regenerative Organic and FFL (Fair for Life) cultivation that increases the productivity of land and eco-friendly with nature and beneficial for society via serving them with good quality and healthy product. They work with the smallholder farmers and produce authentic organic products with the help of Regenerative organic farming practices. Their project is located in Uttar Pradesh, India. They are cultivating, exporting, suppling a range of high-quality Food Grains, Indian Spices, Herbs, Pulses, Vegetables, Jaggery, Essential oils etc. Their products are Regenerative organic, Organic and Fair for Life (FFL) Certified. They offer to the farmers technical advice required for high quality certified regenerative organic production including registering them as certified growers with Tracenet to ensure organic quality all along value chain. They focus on maintenance of organic integrity of products along with full tractability of products. Creation Biotech is also having a separate store at their premises.

Reached percentage of the applicable Total Norm Points for the overall performance
Percentage75 %

Date of Certification
Last Update20.06.2023

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Social Responsibility & Fair Trade

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