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Place, CountryIzmir, Turkey


Certified Products figs dried, hazelnut kernels, apricots dried diced, figs dried diced, apricot paste dried, fig paste dried, figs dried clipped, sultanas dried, figs dried baglama, apricots dried, figs dried protoben, sultanas dried, figs dried garlandfair for life logo
Certification ProgrammeFair for Life - Social & Fair Trade Certification
Performance Rating
ChapterContent of the Fair For Life - Social & Fair Trade ProgrammeMaximumRating
1Core Principles and Values1414
2Commitment to and Management of Fair Trade Policy2714
3Respect of Human Rights and Decent Working Conditions261166
4Respect of the Environment183151
5Local Development and Community Relations117
6Trading and Supply chain relations7150
8Traceability, Transparency and Respect of the Consumer3527
9Managing Certification and Performance4632
Total Score Performance Rating509
Certification for fair trade and responsible supply chains
Impact, special achievements & commitmentsRapunzel Organik Tarim is a subsidiary company of Rapunzel Naturkost GmbH in Germany.
Rapunzel started with dried fruits from Turkey already in 1976. In 1986 Rapunzel opened an office in Izmir for consultancy in organic farming and the first workouts for organic agricultural projects have started. In 1997 Rapunzel opened its own organic processing facility in Ören/Kemalpaşa, close to Izmir.
Until now Rapunzel is the only major processing company in Turkey, which works with 100 % organic products. The main organic products are sultanas, figs, apricots and hazelnuts.
For many years Rapunzel has been cooperating with several hundred organic farmers in Turkey. Rapunzel is purchasing directly from these organic farmers without any intermediaries or traders in between. The organic inspection and certification is fully paid by Rapunzel. Six agricultural engineers + 1 agricultural technician and two operational and administrative staff are employed permanently by Rapunzel to support the organic farmers with consulting and other service. Farmers further receive reliable on-time payment, advance payment if needed and support during conversion period.
Exceptionally high social standards are guaranteed for employees of Rapunzel Organik Tarim including health insurance, pension insurance and free warm lunch for all workers.
With the Fair for Life certification Rapunzel Organik Tarim aims to further improve the livelyhood of farmers, workers, employees and surrounding communities.

Reached percentage of the applicable Total Norm Points for the overall performance
Percentage74 %

Date of Certification
Last Update05.04.2022

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