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Place, CountryCanoinhas, Brazil

Contacthttps://www.yacuy.com.br, atendimento@yacuy.com.br

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Certification ProgrammeFair for Life - Social & Fair Trade Certification
Performance Rating
ChapterContent of the Fair For Life - Social & Fair Trade ProgrammeMaximumRating
1Core Principles and Values1212
2Commitment to and Management of Fair Trade Policy243
3Respect of Human Rights and Decent Working Conditions247150
4Respect of the Environment13797
5Local Development and Community Relations148
6Trading and Supply chain relations4024
8Traceability, Transparency and Respect of the Consumer1810
9Managing Certification and Performance2512
Total Score Performance Rating325
Certification for fair trade and responsible supply chains
Impact, special achievements & commitmentsIndústria de Erva Mate Yacuy, founded in 1948, headquartered in Canoinhas, Santa Catarina, Brazil, with a branch in the city of Cruz Machado, Paraná, Brazil, has an extensive area of ​​own herb with Organic Brazil, NOP and EOS certification. With the project, the company seeks together with the beneficiaries being employees, microentrepreneurs connected to the company and other people in the community, to check the needs of the community in general that will bring quality of life to residents. After interviews with people, the need for a place for leisure for the child audience was raised, so most of them opted for a playground where children could play safely, before that a playground was built for these children together on the Taguá farm. At another time, other data and needs will be raised for possible improvements in the community and in everyone's quality of life, with the FFL project being carried out in partnership with the client and Yacuy Industry, verifying the need and well-being of all participants, and diagnosing the needs for continuous improvement of everyone involved.

Reached percentage of the applicable Total Norm Points for the overall performance
Percentage63 %

Date of Certification
Last Update03.06.2022

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Social Responsibility & Fair Trade

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