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Certification for fair trade and responsible supply chains
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In 2004, Rémi Denecheau, founder of RDV Products, got passionate about Brazil and the richness of its biodiversity and its people. During the filming of Les Héritiers du Guarana during which he found himself in direct contact with indigenous peoples, he slowly discovered a people of eco-friendly producers, fighting for biodiversity and maintaining their culture. This is how the story of RDV Products began! The beginnings of the company's activity focused on Guarana in partnership with the Agrofrut Producers' Cooperative in Urucará. With this support, the Agrofrut company and the farmers' cooperative get their first organic certification: months of work to add value to a product of the highest quality. Over time, the support projects and the activity of RDV Products extended to other Brazilian cooperatives and products (such as Brazilian ginseng, Acai, Acérola, Mate). RDV Products brings continued support from producer cooperatives. Thanks to its commitment to various socio-economic and environmental actions, RDV Products has been able to bring to life many projects responding to its mission to offer quality products, respectful of Men and Nature. CSR and Fair trade objectives and activities targeted by the company within 3 years are the certification of new products, the establishment of fair trade certifications on all organic sectors, the continuous improvement of internal and external quality, the development of current channels in Brazil Amazon as part of a project co-financed by the German BMZ develoPPP program (in partnership with the German government) and the State of Paraná (in partnership with the Austrian Government).

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